Shematic records for accordion, are a great opportunity for anyone, that is searching for a fast but quality and most importantly correct way of self studying the diatonic accordion. They are a product of 20 years of innovation and a product, which with an order offers personal assistance from a world and two time senior European champion Martin Težak via e-mail. When ordering an individual song or a package you will receive professionally made shematic records by author Martin Težak, which are leading on the market quality, accuracy and visual look wise. We deliver them by e-mail, but by request, we also send them to your address. You are also going to receive an mp3 record, which is made after the shematic record. The mp3 records are available in accordion tuning C-F-B. Also, every customer has a 100% free customer support, where we help the user through obstacles, which he can’t solve or perhaps perform. Tablatures for accordion that the author named »Symphony« are also going to teach you different variants, different techniques, ways of playing and other parallels in understanding of playing the diatonic accordion. You will see for yourself after a few orders.

We are preparing detailed information that will be presented shortly.